Sunday, January 22, 2017

More Complete Anti-American Sentiment


William Wallace

47:00 There he goes on about sympathy for loyalty to the disgusting British Monarchy government in 1776 and indefinately. There's not a damn Doug can point his grubby whore pussy grabbing fingers at the American founding fathers and racist citizens at any time in History where the Chinese, Arabs, Japanese, and Korean leaders and citizen laymen weren't doing something at least as bad or worse at the same time. Murder, Genocide, Slavery, pedophilia, cannibalism, rape, prostitution drug addiction and the whole gamet abhorrent behavior: its all at least as bad in his proud biological heritage. At least the U.S. Constitution has ethical and moral principles about human rights to refer to. What does grovel and serve the hive Taiwanese Chinese and Japanese ethics have instilled into their government have worth anything better? Dog and Cat meat slaughter and butcher in an open market and serve as a delicacy? Disgusting.
 I'm never ceased to be amazed how many different anecdotes of his discoveries and research he makes and never completes an actual comprehensive book about his findings like a true scholarly Historian Rather he's a very persistent emotionally loaded tool with obvious consistent chips on his shoulder that simply goes like this: My Taiwanese Fascist Dicktatorship heritage = Good  Obedient Hive Minds with good worth Ethics who respect their Leaders.   United States of America Citizens White European heritage = Bad (Faggots / Bisexual Rapists , Satanists and pedodophiles. It's always audio and video and his goofy choppy gay voice inflections and refrences "Escort" (whore fucking) emotional orgasms. You could spend forever finding holes in Douug's claims and it would all feed and well into his publicity stunt making ego bubble popping counterclaims and embellishments.

I have yet to find any connections of any full blooded Asians from China, Japan, or Taiwan or any who are American citizens in complete support of Douglas Dietrich, even though supposedly if Doug is such a Taiwanese (Exiled Chinese Nationalist Party) agent,  it would only stand to reason he would fluently be given a platform and radio broadcast or podcast where he educates the Taiwanese Nationalist people who would accept his  return to their with open arms.

I get the impression even His own hereditary pride, his mom's heritage, don't care from his endless chip on his shoulder of having so many horrible experiences in America.

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