Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hopefully the last kick that needs be posted to a dead horse

Here's someone (Steve OutRim) that did a lot of analysis and counter claims against Doug.  I cannot agree with it all as I don't have time to research it all, but some of it is absolutely true:

Here's the gist of my criticism of Doug:

I have had a complete fallout of respect for Douglas Dietrich over the years.    At first I thought he was a great and thorough exposer of the Presidio Military base child abuse scandals and a defender of children's rights, especially regarding the notorious satanic military colonel whose name need not be repeated.  As I've listened to Doug over the years it slowly became clear to me that his agenda is all about his chips on his shoulder: his proud victim card and quest for revenge for being born into a family where he spent much of his childhood and young adulthood in a shit-hole called the Tenderloin District of San Francisco where he got victimized by racist white men and gangs of all sorts of  bisexual and homosexual pedophile rapist men all trying to rape him.  Again and again this victim card  is played by his own dumb fucking decision to volunteer as a jarhead and be victimized from the same mentioned culprits, and then again with the same criteria of culprit pervert co-workers at the Presidio Military base library complex doing the same.   Doug's bloated pride as some kind of Megalomaniac heroic avenger for his now deceased immigrant half Japanese and half Taiwanese mommy and deceased derelict World War 2/Korean/Vietnam Veteran Daddy (with questionable American Indian heritage), living in deplorable poverty,  is so utterly and completely repeatedly rehashed  that it is a great counter example to anyone aspiring to make a name for himself in the alternative media as a ridiculous, albeit somewhat effective, big publicity stunt gone completely wrong. 

Doug in case you're reading this, here's a question for you or anyone with your weird habits:  Since when did your pre-deliction as a man to  frequent "escorts" ever denote anything other than another sleazy transaction of another dime a dozen John paying fiat currency and cold hard cash for his privilege to stick his little dick in a whore?  Or rather in a misguided woman,  a woman detached and desensitized from any true notion of any true loving monogamous sex because to her it's all another fucking debased  transaction for fiat currency?    The ridiculous claims of championing yourself as 
  as a great advocate for women and girl's rights means nothing IF you do nothing to advocate for the rights of boys and men and ending infant circumcision.   And your creepy effeminized  fucking voice inflections as a you kowtow to women and girls in your interviews like saying "dear lady, OR :dear Managereess" Madam laura lee solomon" or
  "Dear Madam"  or "Dear Lady" is so off the charts showing your goddamn pussywhipped self-loathing faggy-ness, that its a fair conclusion you have a fetish for being humiliated by some dominatrix whores (or a "escorts") as well.    Whatever floats your boat you goddamn DisinFo False pride fucking basket case agent tool.   I now anoint you officially as Sir.  Dear Hubris Tweak Twitch, who sounds like you're chronically high on Crystal Meth, and who likely enjoys getting anal raped by Dominatrix whores.   Is this video by Kevin Bloody Wilson "Cum Chee my Gurlfren" a typical session with one of those whores Doug?  Or What?

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