Monday, November 7, 2016

Douglas Dietrich is a frequent client to WHORES

32:00 Douglas Dietrich frequents prostitutes and loves the euphemism "escort". He's been open about that fact for decades. I don't understand that. If a transaction of pleasure isn't recieved and given from sex alone, from both partners, then sex is not worth it if you're just another dime-a-dozen client to a whore. And its no stretch of the imagination that whore clients are some kind of proverbial whore to some employer or pimp or handler. To deal in services of such intimate connections in such expedient methods of fiat currency is a very cynical outlook on life. And the exploits of such isa drug in and of itself liable to bolster one's ego and false pride. How else could Mr. TweakTwitch sustain such ridiculous megalomaniacal claims unless he was getting laid? Call a spade a spade. You are an eternal bitch boy slave for the whores Doug.

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